Twelve To The Moon | 1960

12 to the Moon is an independent 1960 American black-and-white science fiction film produced by Fred Gebhardt and directed by David Bradley as Luna Productions Inc.

The film depicts the first moon landing, made by an international 12-person crew. On the moon, they encounter hostile but unseen aliens who live beneath the surface and who temporarily encase North America in ice after ordering the astronauts to leave.

The astronauts thaw the continent just before they return to earth.The film was distributed theatrically in the US in 1960 on a double bill with either Battle in Outer Space or 13 Ghosts.

A novelisation of the film, also titled 12 to the Moon, was published in 1961 by Fred Gebhardt under the pen name Robert A. Wise.

Gebhardt had written the original story for the film; the movie script was written by DeWitt Bodeen.

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