The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy (1958)

TThe evil Dr. Krupp (Luis Aceves Castañeda), a mad scientist known as “The Bat”, managed to escape the snake pit into which he was thrown at the end of The Curse of the Aztec Mummy and continues his efforts in this film to steal a valuable Aztec treasure from the tomb of a centuries-old living mummy, Popoca (Angel di Stefani).

Krupp builds a robot with a human brain in it, planning to use it to destroy the mummy, should he return to thwart his efforts. Krupp’s former colleague and original finder of the mummy, Dr. Eduardo Almada (Ramón Gay), and associates Flor and Pinacate, work to stop the mad scientist from completing his plans. Almada and Flor are married in this third film in the series, and Pinacate has given up his masked superhero career as the Angel.

Dr. Krupp gets inside the mummy’s tomb and once again steals the gold breastplate from its resting place on the mummy’s chest. When Popoca wakes up in a rage, Krupp orders his human robot to fight him.
The two monsters engage in a fierce struggle to the death, but the robot’s ability to deliver burns and electrical shocks from his hands quickly begin to wear the mummy down.

Just as it seems the robot is winning, Dr. Almada bursts into the tomb and knocks the remote control from Dr. Krupp’s hands, effectively shutting off the robot’s brain.

In a wild rage, Popoca tears into the robot, literally tearing him into scrap metal. Popoca strangles Dr. Krupp and his henchman, then stumbles off to another tomb where hopefully no one will ever disturb his sleep again.

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