The Legend Of BIGFOOT

Unfortunately The Legend Of Boggy Creek continues to be taken down, possibly pending a new Blu Ray version by film makers we’ve heard. It has been replaced with “Sasquatch The Legend of Bigfoot” If it is not viewable, please visit our home page or browse the categories for more selections.

This film cheesy as it is, has some merit to it and it may be simply because I like a good story. Ivan Marx, an adventurer and tracker of dangerous animals and his wife Peggy, had spent 10 years prior to making this film exploring various sightings of the legendary BigFoot in the 1950’s.

Some sightings were ridiculous as far as the filmed creature which clearly was a man in a suit of some sort, continuously watching to see if the camera was filming it. Some are a bit harder to explain. In all situations the creatures are filmed from a great distance, never once a closeup shot. The narration and story telling is worth watching this drawn out documentary.

For fans of the classic “Legend Of Boggy Creek” they are offering a Blu-Ray version of this great film. You can check out the highlights below and check out their site for more details about this Blu-Ray version HERE!.

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