The Killer Shrews

In this movie

Captain Thorne Sherman (James Best) and first mate Rook Griswold (“Judge” Henry Dupree) deliver supplies by boat to a group on a remote island.

The group, consisting of scientist Marlowe Cragis (Baruch Lumet), his research assistant Radford Baines (Gordon McLendon), the scientist’s daughter Ann (Ingrid Goude), her recent fiancé Jerry Farrel (Ken Curtis), and a servant Mario (Alfred DeSoto), welcome the captain and his first mate, but subtly resist the visitors staying overnight, even though a hurricane is approaching.

Thorne goes with the group to their compound, while Griswold stays with the boat, saying that he will come ashore later. The situation in the compound is less than safe.

During evening cocktails, Thorne becomes aware of a life-threatening situation to all of them: Marlowe Cragis has been performing well-meaning research on serums and uses shrews as test animals.

The doctor’s purpose is to shrink humans to half their size in order to reduce world hunger, because he reasons that being smaller, humans will consume less food in a world with a limited food supply.

Unfortunately, the doctor’s experiments have created mutant giant shrews that have escaped and are now reproducing outside in the wild, growing larger and more voracious day-by-day.

The scientist and his staff must now barricade themselves inside their compound every evening before the sun sets, intending the shrews to kill each other once they have eaten every other living animal on the island.

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