The 27th Day | 1957

Englishwoman Evelyn Wingate, American reporter Jonathan Clark, Chinese peasant Su Tan, German physicist Klaus Bechner, and Soviet soldier Ivan Godofsky are randomly transported to an alien spacecraft in Earth orbit.

There, they are met by a humanoid referring to himself only as “The Alien” (Arnold Moss), who explains that he is the representative of a world orbiting a sun about to go nova.

Needing a new world to inhabit within the next 35 days, yet prohibited by their moral code from killing intelligent life, The Alien provides each of the five with sets of three capsules in a clear, round, hand-held case.

Each capsule is capable of destroying all human life within a 3,000-mile diameter, with the expectation that humanity will use all the capsules, obliterating itself, leaving the Earth free for alien colonization.

The capsules’ clear containers can only be opened by the thought waves of the person to whom they were given. Once out in the open, the capsules inside can then be used by anyone, but only during the next 27 days, after which they become inert.

The 27th Day
The era of the invention of atomic weapons I think struck fear in everyone of the potential devastation that could happen if these weapons were ever used. These stories help remind us that there are alternatives to mass destruction. I found the film lacking in special effects, even for the times, but the story it tells is worth the watch even without great effects.
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