Space Probe Taurus | 1965

(NBTV) – Four astronauts travel in space encountering alien species, in the search for a planet that humans may inhabit.


Francine York as Dr. Lisa Wayne
James Brown as Col. Hank Stevens
Baynes Barron as Dr. John Andros
Russ Bender as Dr. Paul Martin
John Willias TV Reporter
Bob Legionaire as Faith I Crewman
James Macklin as Gen. Mark Tilman
Phyllis Selznick as Earth Control Secretary
John Lomma as Earth Control


Directed by: Leonard Katzman
Produced by: Burt Topper, Leon D. Selznick
Written by: Leonard Katzman
Starring: Francine York, James B. Brown, Baynes Barrow, Russ Fender
Music by: Marlin Skyles
Cinematography: Robert Tobey
Edited by: Robert S. Eisen, Jon Shouse
Production company: American International Pictures
Distributed by: American International Pictures
Release date: 1965
Running time: 81 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Space Probe Taurus
Enjoyed this one, well rounded story although the alien creature seemed a bit under done, it was still an enjoyable film.
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