A Quiet Place II

This film has midroll adds throughout the entire film which I find to be very obnoxious and destroys the viewer experience. It will run and return to the movie. I find these mid-roll ads extremely aggravating but I guess the creators have a right to promote their content however it does make it less enjoyable, even to the point of clicking away from the film.

What we liked:

Not much, the overall experience was killed by all the ads within the timeline of the film. The CG was also not that good but most likely due to budget constraints or lack of skill with the creators.

What we didn’t like:

Almost everything. Again, the ads took away from the viewer experience, the CG sucked and there really was no plot to this film.


A Quiet Place II
Film is ok at best, the CG is not that good and very noticeable so it's a preference thing for the viewers.
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Acting was decent
CG was not so good
Way to many ads.
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