Lost City Raiders

TThe year is 2048, global warming has caused much of the surface of the earth to become flooded. In the city of New Vatican, Cardinal Battaglia believes that the global inundation can be gotten rid of by using the “scepter of Moses”. This is the staff that Moses used to part the Red Sea during The Exodus.

Cardinal Battaglia contacts John Kubiak (James Brolin) and his sons Jack (Ian Somerhalder) and Thomas (Jamie King). The Kubiak family is raiding the sunken New York City for various treasures lost beneath the waves.

The Kubiaks are to assist Brother Fontana and Father Giacopetti in a submarine to retrieve the scepter and save the earth.

They are opposed by Nicholas Filiminov (Ben Cross), a major land dealer who wants the scepter for his own purposes; having forced the water to rise to cover the remaining land, survivors will be forced to live in his planned floating communities, and he can then purchase the sunken land for a pittance before lowering the water level again.

The Kubiak brothers are also involved with two women, Giovanna (Bettina Zimmermann)—Jack’s ex—and Cara (Elodie Frenck)—their new mechanic, who take on a new importance after John’s death forces his sons to take up his mission.

Despite the attempted intervention of an insane Cardinal who sees the Rising as God’s punishment for mankind’s sins, the new Team Kubiak are able to activate an ancient chamber that triggers the lowering of the flood waters.

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  1. Enjoyed this movie! great actors and characters and the story line was very good. Kind of a “Raiders of The Lost Ark” feel sometimes but enjoyed the adventure.