A 36-foot crocodile goes on a rampage after a gangster takes it out of a peaceful habitat.

Croczilla may not be perfect for the gore loving monster fans. This film feels more like a laid back comedy horror and even though they tried, it doesn’t appear to have succeeded at either end.

The story is about a young boy whom after school visits his Grandfathers rather run down Crocodile habitat. As luck would have it, the Grandfather, in financial stress is forced to sell his collection of Crocks to a local gangster and restaurant owner who buys the Crocodiles to serve as food to a ever growing appetite by the locals for Crocodile meat.

After witnessing what happens to some of the other Crocs, Amau as the young boy named the monster Crocodile breaks free and devours a few of the gangsters that were his captures.

Wandering the country side he happens across a young woman whom was dumped by an angry boyfriend. As she walks and moans and groans to herself she is finall approached by Amau and climbs a pole to safety.

As she fights off the giant reptile with her purse, which incidentally contains a million dollars, the Croc eats the purse and its contents. Later after she gets back to town and informs the local police about the incident, the locals become aware of the money as well as the gangsters whom lay a plan to capture the creature and recover the money.

The film’s ending scenes which seem again like were watching more of a movie meant for youngsters than adults, is seriously lacking in all the areas that monster gore loving fans search for.

For us, it gets the “Cheesy” award because it doesn’t appear to pull out of the children’s film gear. I wouldn’t say I cant recommend it, but I will say don’t expect chilling terror from this movie.

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