A Little About Nailbiterstv


I created nailbiterstv.com as a hobby, an age old fondness for classic horror and scifi movies and film.

I wanted to offer a place where fans of this specific genre could come and watch classics and share some of their own favorites with other site members.

Thus, Nailbiterstv.com was born. I have integrated a way for contributors and viewers alike to “rate” each movie as they see them as a viewer. These ratings are not to be considered “official ratings” rather they are the ratings of the fans viewing the movies.

We currently don’t have ads running on the site, apparently some of us are just too small for advertisers to grace our site with their ads. If you would like more information about this site or would like to inquire about something more specific you can do so by filling out and submitting the contact form below. We look forward to seeing you here at nailbiterstv.com.

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